Adventure maps

StudioMoonTV - Reunited

"Our crew was making fun Minecraft videos. That was the start. We were happy to be together. Once, there was an idea. To make something, which will entertain people. They loved us! Such a great step! However, the world has always some challenges prepared for us. We had an argument. We stopped talking to each other. I don't even know why it ended like this... I don't even know if they are worth a second chance... should I try?"

Map specifications:

  • Version: Java Edition / 1.15.2
  • you have to use the pre-made texture pack
  • headphones are recommended
  • speedrun. 10 min.

Map stages:
- Puzzles
- Labyrinth
- PvE
- Escape Room

~Everything in this map was built by hand

MWS - Journey into mystery

In a little outpost called King's Fort... in a peaceful world... world, where you have unlimited options of creating and building... that all sounds great... until mobs came, destroyed this outpost and expelled five travelers. For surviving, they are traveling to nowhere. Risking and traveling threw different dimensions. However, once, they went where they shouldn't. Only thing they knew, was that they get the answer for the question: "Where are these mobs coming from?"

Map version: Java Edition/1.13+

Coming soon!

Cube Universe - The Lost Journey

It was 6 years ago, when project Ragnar aliance was cancelled. People, at least from our planet started to explore the universe. They launched first space ship to explore things beyond our galaxy. Now it's been a year after launching this space ship. Now, we are too far that we can't comunicate with them. I wish that I could be there... 

Map version: Java Edition/1.12.2

Alpha 1 released!

Map levels and story may change until Beta 6!

Zombie Apocalypse II.

Explore a zombie apocalypse in the two countries Egrana and Clieria, while you get the chance to decide the fate of every community. The future of the world is in your hands. Choose wisely.

Minecraft Version: Java Edition/1.12.2

Require mods + Forge 1.12.2: Never enough currency, Custom NPC

Zombie Apocalypse II: Hell's Fury

As you struggle to survive in the harsh nuclear wasteland, complete side quests to give the Imperial Empire a fighting chance against Atlas before it's too late.

Minecraft Version: Java Edition/1.12.2

Fall of Darkness

After his city was taken and his brothers executed, Armani Barker sets off to track down whoever is the reason behind it all.

Minecraft Version: Java Edition/1.7.10
*Map requires mods. Check PMC for information!

Lost in the jungle

When your plane crashes in the middle of the jungle, your girlfriend is gone, and your only hope of finding her is by going through the abandoned and dangerous temple, how far are you willing to go?

Minecraft Version: Java Edition/1.12.2