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Story Games: 8 votes (Singleplayer Game)

TNT Games: 6 votes (Multiplayer Game)

Mixed Realms PvE: 3 votes (Multiplayer Game) 

Floor is lava: 1 vote (Multiplayer Game)

Haunted Hunt: 7 votes (Singleplayer Game)

Story Games: Short story based games. You would be able to select a story to play. after completing it, you will get some xp. - Singleplayer minigame

TNT Games: Group of games such as TNT RUN! and TNT spleef. - Multiplayer miniames

Mixed Relams PvE: Game which objective is to defend your fortress against waves of monsters from various dimensions. Earn money to upgrade your fortress and defences.  -Multiplayer minigame

Floor is lava: Be aware! In this minigame you need to have parkour skills. And, also, don't fall ito lava... - Multiplayer Minigame

Haunted Hunt: Explore the haunted mansion and search for treasure tokens that spawns anywhere in the mansion. - Singleplayer Minigame - Inspired by Grian's Haunted mansion minigame, but it isn't the same!

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