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StudioMoonTV - Reunited

New 1.14.4 adventure map.

29. 1. 2020

New map coming soon to our website! 

StudioMoonTV - Reunited is a adventure map made by our studios and it's dedicated to noone else than the one and only StudioMoonTv. Surprised? I don't think so :D.

"Our crew was making fun minecraft videos. That was the start. We were happy to be together. Once, there was an idea. To make something, which will entertain people. They loved us! Such a great step! However, the world has always some challenges prepared for us. We had an argument. We stopped talking to each other. I don't even know why it ended like this... I don't even know, if they are worth of a second chance... should I try?"

Map specifications:
- Version: 1.14.4
- you have to use pre-made texturepack
- headphones are recommended
- speedrun: 10 min.

Map stages:
- Puzzles
- Labyrinth
- PvE
- Escape Room

~Everything in this map was build by hand

Dark Unity Chapter 2

Now out!

20. 12. 2019

Dark Unity chapter 2: Expect Unexpected is now out!

  • Only in Slovak language (yet)
  • Sooner releases on our website
  • First part of Movin' Story Universe
  • - Sci-Fy, Adventure, Comic-based
  • New chapter every month!

What to expect next year? 4 new things coming in 2020

9. 12. 2019

Happy holidays everyone and welcome to our very first Movin' News series. Chirstmas is nearly here and the CEO of Movin' Blocks Studios have announced 4 new things, that are coming out in 2020.

1. Movin's Channel 

Movin's Channel is going to be a very big project and it takes so much time to set up. Unfortunately, Movin' Blocks Studios do not have that great equipment to edit video in high resolution, so we can hope we will start this projet 'til next summer.

2. New Minecraft map: Dungeon Lords

For big fans of Minecraft, Movin' Blocks Studios have prepared a new Singleplayer Minecraft map called Dungeon Lord, inspired by Minecraft: Dungeons. We can surely say, it won't look and feel like the original Minecraft: Dungeons game. We mainly focus on the story that you will be expiriencing, insted of game mechanics. Alpha version will be released in April 30th.

3. Movin' Sounds GO

We're really excited to announce you Movin' Sounds GO. New music streaming radio. We can't tell you more about it, because it's only an idea. However, we are really looking forward to it!

4. New Story: Agents of A.T.L.A.S.

For the fans of stories, we are prepairing schedule for this new story. It'll link on previous story Dark Unity, but we can't start publishing it, until all chapters of Dark Unity are already online. We think that the last chapter from Dark Unity will be released 20th of June 2020.

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