Minigame maps

This Minecraft map includes 9 different minigames:

- Parkour
Jump block by block until you reach the final end! And that's it! You'll get some reward there.

- Cube Survival
Try to survive in a small survival slot. Small amount of resources, small amount of everything. However, big amount of fun!
- Creative
Wanna build something in creative mode? Thats minigame is ready for you!
- Defend the Villager
Minigame developed by myself. Defend your villager against evil zombies. Gear up if you need it and destroy the Evil Pumpkin!
- Quick Spleef (Multiplayer)
Spleef like you know but it's Quick! The match has now a timer! So quickly push as many of your enemies as you can, down of the snow platform!
- Sky Block
Survival in the sky! Can it be even better?
- PvP (Multiplayer) - In development mode now!
Fight your enemies and be the champion of every PvP arena!

- Hide and Tag - Inspired by GoodTimesWithScar. Based on classic Hide And Seek.

There will be more minigames, but I haven't decided what kind of minigames.
If you have any ideas, write them in comments!
Vote for minigames or write your own idea! ---> HERE!

Map version: Java Edition/1.15.2